Break bubbles and connect.

Discover what other people are listening to and broaden your music knowledge.

Bubbletune on train

Hey there Delilah

Imagine yourself sitting in a pretty crowded train. You’re vibing to your favorite song and you start people-watching. It seems like everyone is listening to music as well which makes you curious what they’re listening to. Guess what... we have a solution for that: Bubbletune!

Bubbletune users can detect each others current song and start a connection through music, all anonymously. Just put on your favorite Spotify song, log in with your Spotify account and turn on your radar.

Break that bubble and explore new music... or not.

It’s completely up to you.



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The A Team is under pressure, but we’re never gonna give you up.

This is the team behind Bubbletune as you know it. Three motivated students Digital Experience Design at Thomas More Mechelen.

Supported by a team of tutors and our external partner Eirini Kasti, we made this happen.





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Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing! Your privacy is very important to us. First of all, it is only if you have the app installed, have logged in, and have turned on your radar, that your song will be detectable. So if you turn your radar back off, nobody will be able to see what you listen to. We also store our user-data in a secure database and don’t store it any longer then it needs to be for use in the app, so GDPR-proof.

Nope! our app is completely free :) If you want to support us though, you can always donate on our GoFundMe!

First off, thank u for helping us out! You can report bugs by sending us an email (bubbletune@hotmail.com) or simply slide in our DM’s (@bubbletune.app).

Not yet, currently you can only use the app with Spotify. Expanding to other streaming services is something we’re planning to do in the near future though!

Yes you can, you can use the app however you want to. Whether you just want to look at the songs being played around you, or are looking to make a connection with a total stranger through music. Either way, who knows what cool people and music you’ll discover? Try it out!

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